Candidates- Negotiating the job market!

Origin Multilingual specializes in assisting Multilingual candidates find International job opportunities. We have jobs in the Customer Service, Shared Service & Finance, IT, iGaming, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical & Sales sectors.

Our customers are hiring staff in over 32 languages across 2,000+ vacancies in 24 countries, so no matter what your language is, we may have an opportunity for you!

Working with an OriginML Recruitment Consultant

Our Recruiters specialize in dedicated markets, many of whom have worked in these sectors. Industry expertize, understanding client vacancies, business drivers, languages and skills in demand and timelines ensures that they impart the advice necessary when you are looking for your next job.

  • Listening to your professional and career aspirations, personal motivations and future requirements we take time to understand what is important to you.
  • Recruiters will advise you of career opportunities that match your requirements. If suitable jobs are not available, whether due to market conditions, expectations or other reasons we will inform you in order to assist you review your options.
  • We will inform you of suitable job opportunities and explain the selection procedure, interview process and terms of employment.
  • Your consultant will provide you with pre-interview reading material and information, interview preparation and coaching and tips as to what the client is "looking for" and their "drivers".
  • Where we or you have secured multiple interviews we will manage these and attempt to have them "mature" in the same timeframe. There is nothing worse than receiving job offer #1 only to lose it while waiting for job offer #2 that never materialises or falls short. Our Recruiters role is to deliver, where practicable, offers within an agreed time frame. You should work with your consultant openly to ensure you get the best out of your search.
  • Negotiating salary, explaining contract terms, relocating allowance, induction training, start dates and accommodation can all be discussed with your consultant and the client.
  • Follow up; Your consultant will be on hand up to and beyond your start date to ensure that you settle into your new position and find your feet.