Salary & Relocation Advice for the Multi-Lingual Market

Multi-Lingual salary ranges are dependant upon a few key factors. They are the location of the job, availability of a particular language in that location and the skills necessary to perform the role successfully.

Salaries differ from country to country in the way they are described and advertised. In some countries Gross/Brutto is used whilst in others Net/Netto. Our salary estimates have all been calculated in Gross salary to avoid confusion.

Candidates researching salaries should take note that the majority of multi-lingual roles have non-negotiable salaries. Multi-lingual employers centralizing a customer support, finance, sales or information technology centre will be employing hundreds and possibly thousands of International staff in that location. Their employees will have broadly similar skills and languages and therefore their pay and benefits will be within a set salary band. This should offer some consolation in your salary research. If a company employs 100+ staff in a particular location you can take it that they pay a competitive/reasonable local wage.

Before exploring International job opportunities you should question your motivation for relocating to a specific location. Salaries for multi-lingual staff are typically in support roles managing a foreign countries process or service eg your home country’s customer support. You will be paid a local salary level plus a possible language bonus. You will not be paid a salary that you would expect in your home country. It may be higher or lower depending on where you are coming from and going to. Remember, where you are coming from has no bearing on the employers costs in the destination country. Multi-lingual projects that have been outsourced to a particular location are located there so the end client can benefit from increased synergies and typically lower business costs.

Employers expect candidates to demonstrate a genuine reason for relocating to a particular country. International work experience, learning a language, gaining skills in a new sector and career development are all valid reasons. Employers will quickly reject candidates that cannot display a genuine interest in a location.

If you would like further advice on salaries or information regarding relocation please call any of our office numbers and a member of our Multi-Lingual Recruitment team will be able to advise.