The Czech Republic is well known as a location for Multi-lingual Shared Service Centres’ (Finance & Accounting), Contact Centre (Customer Service) and Information Technology (IT Support and some development). Prague is home to over 100 International employers.

Salaries in the Czech Republic may differ between the lower and upper end salary at up to 20%. The majority of companies offer a similar basic salary and benefits package.

Czech employers may assist new candidates to relocate and some offer a flight plus initial accommodation. There is no set rule about relocation with employers creating their own policy on compensation and benefits.

Contact Centre
Agent €11,000-17,000 Team Lead €15,000-25,000


Information Technology
Technical Support 1st line €12,000-20,000 Technical Support 2nd/3rd line €15,000-24,000
Localization €14,000-30,000 Development €12,000-35,000
Gaming €12,000-18,000 QA/Test €12,000-20,000


Telesales €10,000-25,000 IT Sales €18,000-30,000
Account Manager €15,000-25,000 Business Development €18,000-35,000


Shared Services and Finance
Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable €14,000-24,000 Collections 14,000-20,000
Payroll €18,000-30,000 Part Qualified Accountant 20,000-28,000
Qualified Accountant €25,000-35,000 Finance Manager 30,000-45,000