The Netherlands is a popular location for multi-lingual operations. Companies in the Netherlands hire staff for Customer ServiceShared Service and FinanceSalesIT Salesand Technical Support.

Employment law has dictated that employers hire people on an initial 6 month contract before making them permanent. This means that the employer assesses the employee’s skills and suitability before offering a permanent role. Once this period has passed employees gain full rights under Dutch employment law.

The total income tax on various income bands is 33.5%, 42% and 52%. The system is more complicated than other countries and your employer will be able to assist you with setting up your social security number (SOFI) at the local tax office. You will be required to show a valid proof of identity (not a driving licence). You also have to give your address. If you are not registered with the local council, then you may be asked for proof of address. Depending on your nationality, you may also be required to show a residence and/or work permit.

Salaries in the Netherlands are competitive and will rival locations in UK, Ireland and Germany. The income tax is approximately 33% for entry level roles and you should enquire what you net salary will be after tax. Cost of living in The Netherlands is reasonable with candidates affording a good standard of living after tax, rent and subsistence.


Contact Centre
Agent €17,500-30,000 Team Lead €24,000-45,000


Information Technology
Technical Support 1st line €18,000-27,000 Technical Support 2nd/3rd line €23,000-36,000
Localization €30,000-45,000 Development €32,000-60,000
Gaming €22,000-28,000 QA/Test €25,000-40,000


Telesales €18,000-27,000 IT Sales €30,000-50,000
Account Manager €30,000-48,000 Business Development €30,000-70,000


Shared Services and Finance
Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable €22,000-30,000 Collections €20,000-28,000
Payroll €24,000-36,000 Part Qualified Accountant €30,000-42,000
Qualified Accountant €40,000-65,000 Finance Manager €45,000-70,000