Spanish Salaries tend to be lower than Western and Northern European Salaries. There is a perceived trade off between the sun and salary that both job seekers and employers enjoy! The Spanish minimum wage is approximately €635 and many people accept their first job in the local market as work experience or interns. The employment market in Spain tends to be “employer driven” meaning that there are fewer jobs than people looking for work. Combine this with the popularity of the location for candidates seeking employment and it is a difficult country to find a permanent role.

Before starting your new job in Spain you will need a N.I.F ( Numero Identification Fiscal). Taxes in Spain are 24%, 28%, 37% & 43%. If you would like more details about this you can find more details in our Working Abroad section.

Employers can be sceptical about people’s reasons for relocating to Spain and their seriousness. You will need to think carefully about why you want to move to Spain and your reasons should be more in-depth than the weather! Candidates often view Spain as a year round holiday destination. International employers are not looking for people for seasonal work. A potential employer will assess your interest in Spain as they do not wish to be exposed to job seekers who are looking for short term or summer jobs.


Contact Centre
Agent €12,00-20,000 Team Lead €17,000-25,000


Information Technology
Technical Support 1st line €14,000-20,000 Technical Support 2nd/3rd line €15,000-25,000
Localization N/A Development N/A
Gaming €15,000-22,000 QA/Test €13,000-20,000


Telesales €12,000-20,000 IT Sales €18,000-30,000
Account Manager €15,000-25,000 Business Development €18,000-35,000


Shared Services and Finance
Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable €15,000-24,000 Collections €15,000-22,000
Payroll €15,000-24,000 Part Qualified Accountant €18,000-30,000
Qualified Accountant €28,000-45,000 Finance Manager €35,000-60,000