5,477,038 (July 2011 est.)

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Slovak (official) 83.9%, Hungarian 10.7%, Roma 1.8%, Ukrainian 1%, other or unspecified 2.6% (2001 census)

Tax Authority:

Ministerstvo financií Slovenskej republiky -

Social Security:

Ministerstvo práce, socialnych vecí a rodiny (MPSVR SR) -

Social Security & Tax System:

Romania's individual income tax rates in 2009 are flat at 19% of the gross salary.

The Social welfare in Slovakia covers pensions, sickness and unemployment insurance. Employees will pay to social security and health tax equivalent to the 13,4% of the gross salary at the follow amounts:

  • Pension insurance 4.0 %
  • Health insurance 4.0%
  • Disability insurance 3.0%
  • Sickness insurance 1.4%
  • Unemployment insurance 1.0 %

Average Rent Per Month


Studio €350 - 500
1 Room Apartment €500 - 650
2 Room Apartment €650 -  800
3 Room Apartment €800 - 1,000



The accommodation in Slovakia is marked by the era of socialism. Most apartments were built using a system of departments and established technology precast concrete panels which were then linked directly into the buildings (these buildings are called panelák).

Rental apartments are normally apartments in buildings of more than 10 years old that are rebuilt and are rented with some furniture (kitchen, table, chairs, sofa set, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, wardrobes and beds). The furniture, in general, is not new. The apartments in new buildings normally are furnished with new furniture of higher quality and may include microwave, dishwasher, air conditioning, parking in the building, fast internet, etc.

Opening a bank account in Slovakia:

To open a bank account in Slovakia you will need a passport. Some banks ask also a proof of residence and a proof of the origin of your funds. You can open a bank account in Slovak Koruna (Sk) or in foreign currency, the fees will vary according to the currency selected. You will be probably asked to set an small account to your balance in order to open it.