10,190,213 (July 2011 est.)

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Czech (official) - Slovak

Tax Authority:

Česká Daňová Správa-

Social Security:

Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení (ČSSZ) -

Social Security & Tax System:

Czech Republic residents are subject to personal income and net wealth taxes. Since January 2008 Personal income taxes in Czech Republic are linear based in your “super gross annual salary”, and dependent on your social and health charges, with a new rate of personal tax relief.

To calculate your super gross salary, the employer will increase your basic gross income by a standard contribution (the amount of social and health contributions paid on your behalf by your employer) equal to 34% of the assessment base“.

The gross income tax will be 15% of your super gross salary. This amount will be deducted monthly from your basic salary.

Employees will pay also a social security and health tax equivalent to the 12,5% of the basic salary.

Average Rent Per Month

(Garsoniere) Studio 7,000-8,000 CZK 2,500-5,500 CZK 2,500-5,000 CZK
1 bedroom apartment 9,000-10,000 CZK 4,000-7,000 CZK 3,500-7,500 CZK
Apt 1+2 Rooms 12,000-16,000 CZK 8,000-12,000 CZK 6,500-11,000 CZK


If you want to look for accommodation in Czech Republic you must have a good command of Czech, as most of landlords speak only Czech otherwise is better that you contact several agencies and compare their services. We recommend you to visit the apartments personally rather than using internet.

Check that installations work properly. Look for gas heated apartments rather than electric ones, electricity takes too long to get your home warm and is much more expensive.

When you will find the apartment that you want to rent make sure that you understand all the terms of the rental contract and get copy translated to English in case that the document is written in Czech, take your time to read and understand what you are signing. Make sure that you agree with the length of the contract, the amount that you will pay monthly and which part will pay for the utilities.  If the apartment is furnished check the existence, value and conditions of all the elements in the inventory. You will pay 1-2 months deposit to the landlord depending on the size of the apartment and if this is furnished or not.

You must give your landlord 3 months notice when you decide to move out.

Opening a bank account in Czech Republic:

To open a bank account in Czech Republic you will need a passport and one other ID document, alongside with that, you will have to make an initial deposit.