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Social Security & Tax System:

In Poland there are two tax brackets for individual income taxes (18% of basic salary for salaries from PLN 557 to 85,528 and 32% of basic salaries exceeding PLN 85,528)

The ZUS - Zaklad Ubezpieczen Spolecznych – is the Polish social insurance system and it comprises the following: the system of social insurance and provisions, the health insurance system, the unemployment benefit system and the social assistance system. The Polish social insurance system comprises: retirement insurance, pension insurance, sickness insurance and accident insurance.

Your employer takes care of all deductions due from your wage, based on pay as you earn system. Employee’s responsibility is limited to sending once a year PIT form to local tax office, informing them about incomes, you can also apply for tax relief.

Contribution percentage rates to social insurance are uniform for all insured persons. Their amounts are as follows:

  • Retirement insurance: 19.52% of the base for calculation ( employer and employee pay the same amount – 9.76% each)
  • Pension insurance: 6% of the base for calculation (employer pays 4.5% and employee pays 1.5%)
  • Sickness insurance: 2.45% of the base for calculation (the employee pays the whole amount)
  • Accident contribution: 0.67-3.60% of the base for calculation depending on the classification group (type of a business activity) of the employer

Average Rent Per Month

Studio 1-1,400 PLZ 1 - 1,400 PLZ
2 Room Apartment 1,3-2,000 PLZ 1,5-2,000 PLZ


Before signing a rental contract in Poland you have to make sure that you read and understand the terms included. You will have to agree with your landlord the payment of utilities and you need to give 30 days’ notice if you wish to move.

Opening a bank account in Poland:

In Poland every bank can adopt different procedures: some are free from fee, some others are not. In general, the necessary documents are:

  • A valid passport or ID document
  • A residence proof or a temporary residence proof
  • PESEL (personal number of Public Electronic System of Population Evidence)