16,847,007 (July 2011 est.)

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Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid -

Social Security & Tax System:

Before starting work you must obtain a Social Fiscal Identification Number, SOFI number from the local tax office. This number identifies you in the tax and social security system and will be required by any prospective employer.

Montly Rent


Single Room in Apartment €300 - 600
Studio €750 - 1,000



Renting is more common in the Netherlands than other countries with only 56% of the population owning their own property. In urban areas this is lower: Amsterdam c.22% and Rotterdam c.30%. Almost all social rental dwellings in the Netherlands are owned and managed by private, non-profit housing associations. They presently own and manage 75% of the rental market.

Housing associations are aimed at providing social rental dwellings for lower income groups, the elderly, building owner-occupied dwellings to increase home ownership and improving certain neighbourhoods.

EEA nationals working in The Netherlands and in possession of a valid Dutch Residence permit have the same rights as Dutch nationals for access to housing.

There are private property agencies and property rentals other than through the local housing associations. When you find a property a landlord will need to see your passport, police permit, SOFI number, 2 photographs, a copy of your birth certificate and occasionally proof from your present landlord that you have a permanent address.

When relocating to The Netherlands you will be able to rent a room privately. Once established in The Netherlands you may wish to join a local housing association list to avail of property in a location that you like. It may be 6-12+ months before suitable accommodation becomes available. More details can be located about Dutch Housing Associations at

Opening a bank account in the Netherlands:

EU citizens will need a valid passport, proof of address, SOFI number and a residence permit in order to open a bank account. It may be advisable to register with the police using a foreign police application as further proof of your identity.