Helpdesk & IT Support

Outsourcers, BPO, ITO & end-user companies hire skilled multilingual staff for a range of IT Support roles that can be done from a central location.

These positions might support business or consumers on hardware, software, SaaS, applications or systems that they manage. Traditionally, helpdesk & Technical Support Level 1-3 roles were hired by IT companies to support their customer base. Examples include McAfee, IBM, HP, Cisco, Salesforce, Microsoft, Canon, Fujitsu & Xerox. Helpdesk & Level 1 Technical Support roles often did not require IT qualifications and the product could be trained to multilingual hires, depending on the company’s product or service line. Level 2 often required experienced and educated IT professionals with formal training in operating systems, applications or hardware. Level 3, which was affectionately called “man with a van”, was reserved for the most senior engineers who performed a fix or replacement. Due to the growth in cloud computing level 3 roles are mostly remote as servers and applications are hosted, rather than on-premise.

Technical Support, Service Desk & Helpdesk - Operations